Aug 27, 2013


I know you can't see it, but this book is preeeetttttty.  Little white embossed birds all over the cover.  The inside pages have a bird on the edge that flies if you flip the pages really fast.  Just so pretty and well thought out.

Sadly, I didn't really like When Women Were Birds.  It had some wonderful passages.  The concept is hard to resist - the author's mother left her journals to Williams after she dies and upon opening, they were all blank.  Who can resist a starting point like that?  Unfortunately, it felt so scattered that I kept getting annoyed or frustrated.  That feels wrong because she's writing from a place or grief and exploration and that shit is messy.  I just wished for a little less messiness I guess.

Aug 24, 2013


Aug 22, 2013

A little bit hopeless

Halfway through the film Another Year, I was really tempted to turn it off.  There's so much loneliness in it, and that's not necessarily good watching for me at the moment. 

However, I couldn't stop watching because it was all so well done.  The actors and dialogue are so normal that it doesn't feel like much is being conveyed, but I think it really was.  The character of Mary was worth spending the time with all by herself and there were many others who were interesting to watch.

Sad and a bit hopeless, yes, but still a pretty wonderful film.

Aug 21, 2013

Intricate and impermanent

The murals of Suzan Drummen are astoundingly gorgeous.  Go look!

Aug 20, 2013


This article on civil forfeiture will make you wonder what sort of country we live in. And make you livid. One has to wonder how they thought incentivizing this sort of shit would end well.

Aug 15, 2013

In case you were curious

I have not made a real-real post in forever. Life is in the midst of some tremendous upheaval, but I am not abandoning ship - just hoping for some calm waters before I commence writing again. I do plan on working on a new 101 list because I am in need of some serious new stuff, adventures, and experiences in my future.


Aug 3, 2013

Jul 27, 2013

May 28, 2013

May 27, 2013

A thousand times this

Why society still needs feminism.

I honestly cannot understand women who do not call themselves feminists.  Not a bitchy thing or a pity thing, just a complete non-compute in my mind.  

Not asking much of you