May 31, 2009


Frye boots are one of mine. Aren't these particularly nice in green?


I lurve Tarantino flicks, so why did it take me so damn long to see Death Proof?

Its the stories of two groups of girls who have run-ins with Stuntman Mike. I loved the Austin setting in the first one - so many of the details were spot on perfect. Julia felt like a bit much at times and Rose McGowan was all kinds of dreadful, but the rest of the casting was good. Vanessa Ferlito is so good as Butterfly.

In the second story, I loved the casting - especially Zoe Bell, the Australian stunt woman, and Tracie Thoms, the stunt driver.
I immediately downloaded the entire soundtrack as well. Its good. I give it a 6.

May 30, 2009


Kicky. I need some cuter shoes.

These would be great too.



My closet is missing the components to do this polished look. And I never even realized it until I stumbled upon this picture!

Way cuter

The Shop Around the Corner is rather adorable. Its like that bad AOL/Tom Hanks movie, but with cuter characters and storyline. The two main characters (Klara & Alfred) begin corresponding as pen pals and fall in love without ever meeting. They also fail to realize that they work in the same shop and can't stand eachother. Cute premise and Jimmy Stewart is way more lovable and adorable than Tom Hanks. The scene in the cafe is priceless.
I give it a 6.

May 29, 2009

Music to energize yourself

Flogging Molly always seems to do it for me.

So cute

I simply adore this blouse.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a quick little YA read. Its the story of Charlie who strikes the reader as not quite normal for a fifteen year old. His oddness becomes more and more apparent as the tale goes on.
The story is told as a series of letters which is not at all my fave way of story telling, but it seems necessary for Charlie's situation to unfold gradually. I loved his parents! Loved them and their very unstereotypical ways. I also liked that he did a lot of things that didn't have consequences which kept it from being an after-school-special type story.
This is a nice and solid little book. I give it a 7.5.


I kinda think these are awesome.


This one too! Etsy is awash with perfect little black dresses today.


This vintage dress is gorgeous. I like everything about it.

May 28, 2009

Old school

Crayon Ball is wickedly cute and clever. I love low-tech art in games.

Eye opening

Working in the nonprofit field, homeless folks are a small segment of the folks my organization serves. People generally picture an older veteran when they hear homeless so it was interesting to see a documentary on the hidden homeless - women.

It Was a Wonderful Life talks to many women each with a different story to tell. Bad divorces, job loss, medical issues, and other situations out of their control left these women living in cars, camping, staying with friends, or even living in a rented U-Haul truck. Its a powerful and eye-opening story, and I highly suggest it.
The family living in the motel gave me the warm fuzzies. They were all so sweet to eachother and dealt with everything with humor and love.
I loved the quote from Reena. I'm paraphrasing, but early on tshe says, "You always hear about people helping the homeless, but why don't they help them before they become homeless."

I give it an 8.


So much better than a ripped piece of paper.

May 27, 2009

Are you really saying that the president can do something illegal?

Yes, I realize this is the poster for the play and not the movie. But I like it and my blog means my rules.

Anyway, Frost / Nixon was good. I never felt much connection with the Frost character, but I loved how Nixon was played. And the boys in the backroom who did all the research and question writing were great. I'd watch a movie about them alone.

I give this one a hearty 7.5.
And now having seen all the oscar nominees for best movie, I can say that Milk should have won it, but Slumdog would have been number two on my list.


Feejee mermaids

This is astoundingly clever. Look for them at Schmancy on June 3rd.

May 26, 2009

Very her

This is so Kristen (who by the way has a delightful new blog).

Most definitely

I want this.

Condensed review

Forrest Gump + Meet Joe Black = The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Brad Pitt is capable of the best smoldering looks.

Too much special effects is creeptastic.

Lightning man is pointless and dumb.

Only a 4 on the Claire scale.

New find

For me at least. I like them.

No idea

I haven't a clue about my current party dress obsession other than the fact that I appear to have one. No parties in my near future. The colors on this dress are so cool.

May 25, 2009

Summer whites

This dress = lovely.

I hope you will

Rather perfect

The song. The sound. The video. Just right.


I'm pondering a light aqua for my living room walls. This picture would look lovely in it.

May 24, 2009


Betterthanjam has the best shop name as well as the cutest prints. Like this dress:


Marvelous song.

Broken by Tift Merritt

Iphone crack

Latest roadtrip boredom preventer? Smiles for iphone. Love the avalanche version of the drop game!

May 19, 2009

More cuteness

Remember my Michael Cera revelation? This looks like it continues on in that theme.

Here to recruit you

The movie Milk is so very very good, and you should be watching it if you haven't all ready. Not only is it chock full of great acting and really interesting creative story-telling, its also one of those movies that has a great message but doesn't let itself get hung all up on the message.

Everyone knows that the tale ends in tragedy (and if you don't they tell you immediately). However, they balance it all out with such joy. They show Milk as a person determined to make a difference but who never stops living life to the fullest. Its a wonderful portrait.

Also, is there anything James Franco can't pull off? I'm starting to pay attention.

The only sour point is Diego Luna. I cringed everytime he was on screen. Partly due to his performance but probably even more because they never really explained why that relationship went on for as long as it did. Surely, someone could shed some light on their romance besides not having to talk politics. I felt bad about the whole thing.

I give this one a 9. Terrific film that is really well made.

May 18, 2009


After glimpsing this, my own bottle opener no longer measures up. Not at all.


Quite the cast

So Lisa, will you be watching this? Looks interesting.

No red eyes here

Well maybe just a little and totally related to allergies and not The Reader. It was a good little movie, but not the uh-mazing one I'd expected.
The Reader is the post-WWII story of a fifteen year old German boy who gets involved with an older woman. Lots of nakedness and reading and sex and more reading and then suddenly Nazi-ness.

The story is interesting and different. The actor who plays the boy is phenomenal. Seriously, up against a terrific actress like Winslet and he shines. I had little love for the grown-up version, my usual crush man Fiennes though. He was just so pained and wilt-y and just not that great in this.

I really expected (and was prepared for) tears here. I felt sympathy for the fifteen year old, but when it came time to feel sorry for the grown-ups, I just couldn't. I'll give this one a 6.

Aww shucks

This dress is the sweetest thing. Found at Thrush (whose shop is chock full of wonders).

May 17, 2009


Royal Buffet is one seriously charming shop. How delightful is this wordy butterfly mobile?!

And the party puppets would be so cute all stuck in a row on my wall.

May 16, 2009


Yes, I do want this! You will too!

Loose Teeth Vintage Inspired Sundress with Petticoat GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Gonna see it

Away We Go looks like just the sort of movie I would love.

May 15, 2009

Needs a warning label

I popped in Terms of Endearment in my quest to watch more Oscar flicks. Only vaguely familiar with it, I think I only knew of the car scene on the beach. I did not know what I was in for.

This sweet film revolves around a mother and daughter. I loved how Debra Winger portrayed the daughter throughout the film- always a bit awkwardish but slowly maturing. Shirley MacLaine is perfect.

What they need a warning for is the fact that this film will leave you sobbing. I'm talking about crying uncontrollably with an ache in the pit of your stomach. But only the good ones can affect you like that, correct? This one gets a 9 by me?
Anyone seen the sequel? Is it worth it?


I'm currently finding Colin Johnson's work very inspirational. Love the variety and intricacy.

May 14, 2009


This Is Spinal Tap is a funny funny movie. So quotable! Me and the bubs snickered through the whole darn thing. Its a faux-documentary about a rock band on the rocks. I particularly liked when they showed old clips of the band. The songs are rather hysterical too.
I give it an 8.

Oh so pretty

Would this not be perfect to hang in a bathroom?

May 13, 2009


At the insistance of my lil' brother, I picked up A Confederacy of Dunces. This comic novel is about the immense, whiny, pushy, lying, lazy (and oh so many more things) Ignatius J. Reilly. He does and says many "outrageous" things throughout the tale. I quote the word mainly because I firmly believe that this book was seriously outrageous when it was written, but today I don't think it holds up.

I definitely think Ignatius is an awful person who does lots of wretched things. I'm a bit amused at times but never overly so. I did giggle at his coworker, Miss Trixie, an elderly lady wanting desperately to retire who calls everyone by different names, snarls and bites others, and frequently sleeps on her desk. She I loved. Ignatius I just wanted to kick. I know the point isn't to admire him, but I didn't even find him all that entertaining.

I missed something here I'm sure. It only gets a 4.5 on my scale.

May 12, 2009


Role Models is all kinds of silly and crude and sweet. A nice combination! Paul Rudd is a doll, but the real scene stealer is Christopher Mintz-Plasse. He plays his role as the awkward role playing-obsessed kid so well. Really fun!

I give this a 7.5 (and it may have gotten higher but I really hate the scene when the little boys are asking in depth and thoughtful questions about sex & STD's to Sean William Scott's question. Too easy and over done of a joke.)