Dec 22, 2012

Pretty pretty

My Ideal Home is full of pretty pretty design ideas.

Dec 14, 2012


The Queen of Versailles is a documentary about an insanely wealthy couple building the largest home in America and what happens when their finances take a turn.  It sounded fascinating and it kinda was.  However, I feel uncomfortable watching documentaries where the people have no concept of how they come off.  The couple in this film are oblivious monster types - and it's their unawareness that makes them monsters not that they are bad people per se).  I felt much like when I watched Grey Gardens - more pitying than entertained.  4/10.

Dec 13, 2012

More fun

I'm a lot bit addicted to Jonathan Adler design books these days.  I love how much fun is reflected in his rooms and how he scoffs at rules and snobbery.  I aim for more eclectic fun in my house.  My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living and 100 Ways to Happy Chic Up Your Life were both great fun.  8/10.

Dec 5, 2012



Superlittlecute's necklaces are all pretty amazing.


This recipe for white beans with leeks is pretty darn good. Been in a new recipe kind of mood these days.

Dec 2, 2012