Apr 4, 2009

Updating the Biggest Listy of Them All

I need to move on over my 101 list cause where I go - it goes. Here it is in all its glory:

1. Finish this list
2. Inspire someone else to participate in 101 Things in 1,001 Days
3. Write a new list when I’m finished with this one
4. See whales
5. Take Char to NYC
6. Go snorkeling again
7. Get my passport
8. Visit another country
9. Visit Niagara
10. Take a vacation that does not involve family
11. Visit Mexico
12. Take Char to Chicago
13. Visit (at least) 3 different wineries for wine tastings (2/3)
14. See the northern lights
15. Plan a surprise romantic weekend
Self Improvement
16. Get an expensive haircut
17. Get a new pair of glasses
18. Nose piercing? Finally decided against.
19. Contemplate big life questions
20. Get tattoo #2
21. Learn to do my hair in a few different ways
22. Learn some cool makeup techniques
23. Get a massage
24. Get my other wisdom tooth out
25. Stop saying “yeah” instead of “yes”
26. Visit a dermatologist and get checked for skin cancer
27. Work on my posture
28. Get a hot stone massage
29. Stop drinking soda altogether
30. Buy a pair of false eyelashes and try them out
31. Dye my hair something completely different from what I’ve done before
32. Take at least 2 dance classes (2/2)
33. Train to run a 5k
34. Go skiing
35. Learn to play tennis
36. Buff up my arms
37. Kayak in 2 new rivers (0/2)
38. Start a fitness journal (keep it for at least 3 months)
39. Join a gym with a pool and use it
40. See all of Shakespeare’s plays (5/37)
41. See 2 more Broadway shows (0/2)
42. Improve upon my Spanish skills
43. Go see an opera
44. Go to the ballet
45. See ten concerts that do not include Flogging Molly (7/10)
46. Read Lord of the Rings trilogy (0/3)
47. Read all of LM Montgomery’s books (10/32)
48. Read The People’s History of the United States Letting myself off the hook on this one.
49. Read 1001 Nights
50. Join a book club
51. Read the rest of John Irving’s (5/13)
52. Read 50 nonfiction books (50/50)
53. Read all shelf-sitters and pass them along - never will be finished really but I made great progress.
54. Sew a dress for myself
55. Make a hat
56. Write a short story and submit it for publication somewhere
57. Draw in my sketchbook every day for two months
58. Make secret project for 3 families (3/3)
59. Do the 365 days project
60. Become proficient in Photoshop
61. Enter something fabulously strange in the fair
62. Do something creative every day for a month
63. Sew a quilt
64. Knit myself a scarf
65. Paint 50 paintings (2/50)
66. Learn calligraphy
67. Volunteer for pro-choice charity
68. Volunteer for an environmental group
69. Try 10 new ice cream recipes (2/10)
70. Make bread from scratch 5 times (5/5)
71. Try 20 new fruits & veggies (11/20)
72. Cook dinner every night for two weeks (this is gonna be so hard)
73. Make a fruit pie
74. Pay off credit card debt
75. Own a home
76. Have my own garden
77. Adopt dog #2
78. Foster a dog
79. Start a compost pile
80. Purchase a new mattress
81. Get a new TV stand No longer needed
Family & Friends
82. Send pointless packages to all my loved ones
83. Have a dinner party
84. Finish Amy’s photo album
85. Frame & mail copies of picture to family
86. Do a better job of keeping and reconnecting with old friends
87. Have a Halloween party
88. Track all important birthdays on my calendar
89. Host a girl’s night
90.Start an etsy shop and keep it going for at least 3 months
91. Invest in the DVDs that never fail to make me smile – Amelie, The Office, Earl, Royal Tenebaums, Raising Arizona. Decided against the clutter.
92. Have a respectable amount of wine in my wine rack
93. Find out if I like scotch
94. Keep inbox emails at work below 150
95. Replace Char’s wedding band
96. Have a real English tea
97. Try 5 different fish dishes I’ve never had before (5/5)
98. Ride on a motorcycle
99. Learn to change my car’s oil myself
100. Go sled riding
101. Get a fabulous pair of boots
Extra Credit
102. Attend my 10 year class reunion
103. Try every recipe in Nigella Lawson’s How To Be a Domestic Goddess Cookbook.
104. Read all the Little House on the Prairie Books
105. Watch all movies that won an Oscar for best picture plus make a dent in all the ones that were nominated.
106. Read all the Newberry award winner books. (10/86)
107. Read 30 Booker Prize nominated books. (2/30)
108. Stop whining.
109. Hold a fundraiser for a charity besides the one I work for.
110. Do a handstand.
111. Ride a city bus.
112. Submit 12 entries to The Sun Literary Magazine's "Readers Write" section.
113. Build a terrarium.
114. Find an awesome red lipstick. (stolen from spacebeaver.)
115. Take two fitness classes. (2/2)
116. Fix dining room table.
Now That We Have a House...
117. Paint bedroom.
118. Fix porch.
119. Paint dining room.
120. Paint living room.
121. Plant pretty things in front of the porch.
122. Pretty up the fireplace.
123. Have light installed in bedroom closet.
124. Get shower fixture put in.
125. Take out concrete in backyard.
126. Plant outside of back fence.
127. Paint upstairs hallway.
128. Put new siding on house.

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