Apr 30, 2009

Big names

I watched Evening while on my girly-film-watching spree while husband was off visiting family. I quite adored the book this movie was based on. Apparently the filmmakers didn't adore it so much cause they changed loads.

First of all - the cast is amazing. Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Vanessa Redgrave, Claire Danes, and Toni Collette - all are actresses that can be amazing. But why mess up such a lovely story?

Part of what I loved from the book was the dreamy hallucination like meanderings of the main figure. They were beautiful at times. That I figured would be hard to capture and it was.

Still though, they changed so much for no reason. They made one character gay inexplicably - something that changed the plotline and motives a great deal. They mis-cast the heartthrob character greatly. They completely left out the reason why two characters split at the end - a reason so extra heart-breaking and moving rather than the assumption they leave you with.

What I did love was the lighting. The lighting was lush and beautiful and gasp-worthy and dreamy and so much more. I also loved the clothes they put on Claire Danes. That bit was perfect.

I'm so ticked at the unnecessary ruining of this story. It only gets a 3.5.

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