Apr 20, 2009


We watched Changeling last night. I was struck by the film's resemblance to a This American Life story but apparently its based on a different true life story. The movie is all about a woman whose child disappears. After a search, the police bring her the wrong child. They and the boy insists that she's the boys mother.

The costumes in this were everything a person could hope for. Jolie looks stunning in them of course. The story is maddening. Jeffrey Donovan is so good as the policeman. It really is an engrossing tale.

The downside? I don't really feel like Jolie was very good in this one. She just seems to be playing herself which I found a little distracting. The child actor who breaks the case open is flat-out awful. I'm not sure what they were thinking with that casting.

I give this a 5.

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