Apr 4, 2009


The Hunger Games is seriously addictive. I read it in about 2.5 days and when I wasn't reading it, I caught myself worrying over the story and the characters. I was so tensed up that finishing the book became paramount.

This novel (another YA - go figure!) is about Katniss who lives in a madly fucked up world. In this world, North America is run by a wealthy few who live in The Capital. Everyone else lives in districts who long ago tried and failed to overthrow The Capital. In order to remind those folks in the 12 districts of their complete powerlessness, once a year, the big baddies at The Capital force each district to choose two teens at random to go fight to the death in a real Survivor-type show.

Let the nerves and nail-biting ensue! This book is captivating. I liked how it wasn't as straight forward as it could have been. Be warned though, this book is the beginning of a series. I'm starting to think that publishers are requiring every other YA book they print to be part of a series of some sort.

I rate this one a 7.5.

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