Apr 1, 2010

Time for a New Listy

Over to the right there, you'll see a link to my now defunct 101 listy. My 1,001 days have past. I completed 63 items, made progress on many many other things I wanted to do, and am now ready to start fresh. I always leave myself the freedom to change my mind about items or add more to the bottom. (Want to make your own list? Its lotsa fun and there's more info here.)

I Like Making Stuff1. Sew a top for myself
2. Paint 20 paintings (1/20)
3. Take a photo every day for a month
4. Make 5 softies
5. Make 5 wreaths (3/5)
6. Make 5 hair accessories
7. Make 5 pieces of jewelry
8. Make 5 garlands
9. Do 5 embroidery pieces (1/5)
10. Sew a dress
11. Stop using store-bought wrapping paper. Make my own from now on.
12. Print 10 clothing and/or houseware items (1/10)
13. Make my own undies
14. Start a new etsy shop
16. Learn photoshop
17. Do an inspiration board in craft room
18. Make my own grocery tote bags
19. Make an art card every day for a month
20. Do a street art project
21. Take 2 art classes / workshops

My Idea of Grown-Up Stuff22. Buy a suit
23. Get a passport already
24. Replace and upgrade makeup
25. Find a new signature perfume
26. Host 5 dinner parties (5/5)
27. Drop 1 dress size
28. Drop 2 dress sizes
29. Pay off credit card debt
30. Do 101 sit-ups every day for a month
31. Get a computer that doesn’t crash when running photoshop
32. Stop wincing when people take my photo
33. Upgrade my winter coat
34. Teach my dogs some good manners
35. Consolidate the amount of bags I take to work every morning

36. Make butter
37. Make macarons
38. Make homemade tortillas
39. Do a whole lot more preserving from my garden
40. Make salsa with garden bounty
41. Attend 5 wine tastings
42. Have a recipe & picture posted on tastespotting
43. Go to local farmer’s market at least 5 times a year (5/5)
44. Get a small chest freezer

45. Watch 50 foreign films(21/50)
46. Read Lord of the Rings
47. Watch 50 documentaries (30/50)
48. Watch 20 Oscar-nominated movies (14/20)
49. Read a novel by a Russian author
50. Read 5 Booker prize nominated books(2/5)
51. See 5 plays (3/5)
52. Learn to read music
53. Make Kristen teach me to play a song
54. Read The Scarlet Pimpernel
55. Read 20 books of poetry (2/20)
56. Visit 20 art shows (5/20)
57. Attend 10 concerts (4/10)
58. Read 10 biographies / autobiographies (10/10)

Home Projects
59. Get new hot pads for kitchen
60. New porch chairs
61. New patio furniture
62. Install new back fence
63. Plant decorative garden in back
64. Expand front garden
65. Replace ugly plastic planters with lovely cement or terra cotta or other pottery versions
66. Repaint hoosier cabinet
67. Get floors redone
68. Get new chair for craft space
69. Paint basement floor
71. Invest in some pretty bed linens
72. Get a smaller bed frame
73. New kitchen cabinets & floor
74. Fix lighting issues in kitchen
75. Fix lighting issues in living room
76. Start a display of photos of all the people I adore
77. Have fresh flowers in the house at least once a month (24/32)
78. Have a light installed in bedroom closet
79. Put in backyard patio

Good Deeds80. Volunteer for an environmental group
81. Volunteer for a pro-choice group
82. Volunteer for an arts event
83. Do a good deed for the library
84. Volunteer for an animal rescue
85. Do a random act of kindness every day for a month
86. Post animal rescue poster about town 5 times

87. Send 101 pieces of mail (70/101)
88. Buy 5 things off etsy for myself
89. Take another dance class
90. Participate in wardrobe remix
91. Visit Toronto
92. Visit Boston
93. Send flowers to 5 people (5/5)
94. Learn a new card game
95. Go on 10 metro park hikes
96. Accessorize every day for a month
97. Plant “surprise” spring bulbs 3 different places that do not belong to me
98. Stay at a resort
99. Make my own cleaning products
100. Bike one of my library trips
101. Ride a motorcycle

My dear friend Kristen is doing this project with me. We start today - April 1st! Check out her blog for more listy fun.
Install rain barrel

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