Apr 22, 2010

Shakespeare wrote for money

Best nonfiction title ever! I have sadly read the last of Nick Hornby's book review collections. I can hope that one day he does another - faint hope, but hope nonetheless. Shakespeare Wrote for Money added a handful of books to my to-read list. What has hooked me on these collections is his honesty. He writes about months when he doesn't read a single book because the play-offs are on television. He shares a list of the purchased books along side his read books - and like many of us the purchased books are plentiful and sometimes unrealistic (Hello Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee that's been on my shelf forever!) Anyway, this is my 2nd fave of his collections (Housekeeping vs. The Dirt being my favorite). I give it a 7.

1 comment:

  1. it's because of your reviews that I've added this to my list. Actually, I'm super happy to have more NH to read! I have bought Confederacy of Dunces 3 x's + still not read it. Come to the conclusion that I never will.