Apr 14, 2010

Same ol' story

Paper Towns in only my second John Green book but it bears an insane resemblance to the first book I read of his - Looking for Alaska. His go-to plot appears to be high-school-boy-who-is-not-so-cool falls madly in love with unattainable-bad-girl. Seriously, its the same sort of story all around with a few plot differences. I think maybe Mr. Green has some unfinished business in his past. I doubt I'll be picking up more of his books until he comes up with a new story.
Honestly the writing is not bad although the dialogue is a bit to snappy and quippy for your average high school student but I can overlook that. I agreed with how it ended but it did come across as rather anti-climatic. My biggest complaint is the non-originality. For that, it gets a 3. (Had I read this one first, I would have liked it batter and disliked Looking for Alska more. I guess that's the way it goes).


  1. I was not totally into this book either, despite hearing / reading mostly positive reviews. For me, it was my lack of interest in Margo. I haven't read Looking for Alaska, though I've heard the books are quite similar. I'm sure readers have asked John Green about that, and I wonder what his response is?

  2. I have this out from the library now, but I've never read anything by John Green before so hopefully I'll be entertained. I've been having the same problem with Eva Ibbotson lately, I do enjoy her books as light fun reading, but when I encountered the same basic premise for the third time, I got pretty annoyed. It's weird, we read multiple books by the same author because we like the author, but there's a line between wanting more of the same, and wanting something equally good but different.