Jan 25, 2012

Question for the masses

So I am wondering where do people decide on what books or movies they are going to spend their time with.  Answers?

My own sources for books include my Goodreads feed, Nancy Pearl's podcast on KUOW, Bookrageous podcast, listening to reviews on NPR, the shelf at the library where librarians display the books they recommend (love that!), and friends.

For movies, I rely a lot of Netflix browsing and Filmspotting podcast.

They all give me loads to consider, but am I missing any great resources?


  1. I get a lot of great book and music suggestions through your blog to be honest. Love your reviews! I may only end up looking for 1/20 of your book recommendations at the library but I always love the ones I do decide on.

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  3. Goodreads, your blog (although there is overlap there!), friends and my dad.

    My dad is really into movies and books. I tend to take his movie advice more than his book advice because he sometimes reads really dense or depressing non-fiction. But he's really one of my main recommendation sources.

    He has a blog (who doesn't nowadays) with tons of info, both in the posts and on the tabs. It might be good browsing for you...


    Sorry, I deleted my first comment, I was having issues :)