Mar 26, 2013


I have been under a seriously blue cloud lately.  I think it’s caused by a combination of the stupid sunless weather here in Ohio and a lack of quality sleep.  It’s manifested in feeling so kicked in the gut over the state of things – particularly bad news tied to children.  I know part of it is just being super sensitive about my baby, but goddamn I bruise pretty easily these days. 

I recently saw a post by an old friend about a little girl from my hometown in need of a liver transplant.  She didn't get it in time.  God damn it.  Read this if you can handle the insane sadness.  If you can't, then I suggest avoiding it.  That baby had the sweetest face.

If you aren't currently an organ donor, please sign up.  Stories like this don't need to have such endings. 

I felt so angry over this and helpless today.  I don't even know the family, but it just sucked so hard.  I'm already registered as an organ donor, but I did decide to sign up to join the bone marrow donor pool.  I've meant to do it forever, and the process is insanely easy. 

I cannot fathom the loss so many families face.  I just want to do what little I can to help lessen the chance of more folks going through this so pointlessly. 

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