Apr 20, 2013


Every Day has a plot that I couldn't resist.  Each day, the protagonist  A wakes in a new body - a person with their own life.  It can be male or female and from any walk of life but always the same age as A, but A is never in the same person more than one day.  And then A falls in love.

Love love love the idea.  The novel not so much.  The author tries to cram in some Lessons.  And those lessons were a bit too ham fisted and obvious.  I wish he'd resisted the urge.

The concept though made me a bit panicky when I thought to much about it.  It reminded me of reading Still Alice, an absolutely amazing novel about a woman with Alzheimer's.  The idea of losing yourself like gives me chills.  This book was similar in that the protagonist has no one to tie themselves to or that would remember them once they'd gone. 

I just wish this book had done better by its idea.  4/10.

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