Mar 10, 2010

In which I gush about dogs

Susan Sabo Photography offers pictures from her Shelter Dogs series. These three struck me the hardest. According to her site, a portion of her proceeds from picture sales go to animal rescue organizations. Check out her blog or flickr site for lots more fantastic photography.

Don't those shots tug hard at your heart?

Dogs are fantastic additions to the family. My two scruffy pups were rescues - one by Noah's Ark Rescue in Minerva, Ohio and the other by the Jefferson County Pound.
Take a look at our much-loved mutts:

(Appearances are deceiving. The tiny cute thing on the left has grown to be a formidable 45 lb. cute thing that every once in a while reminds me why I need to put cakes and shoes out of her reach). We adore them.

So next time you're thinking of adding a fuzzy new member to your family. Take a look at rescue dogs. Some of my favorite people are rescue dogs. :)

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