May 24, 2011

Frustration turned into list-making

Gar!  Blogger is refusing to post pictures.  Hence a picture-less list-full post.

- I've cut two big bouquets of peonies and the smell in the house is absolutely heady.
- The phrase of the moment for me is "forward momentum".  This consists of making all sorts of progress small and large on home and personal projects.  Today I collected up all the un-usable household chemicals to drop off at the collection point, scheduled a pick-up for an old mattress that's been taking up basement space, and replaced some switchplates.  Even though I can't tackle a bathroom remodel all in one go, I can make incremental house progress.
- Salon appointment is scheduled.  I hate all the time it takes when I go to get a cut and color, but I just gotta make it happen.
- I've been taking a camera with me on my regular neighborhood wanderings.  I have a new idea for the front yard.  And pictures!  That Blogger won't let me upload!  Gar!  Also the boy-o and I may have agreed on a patio project we both can get behind.
- My little brother and I got to talking about books we wanted to read but had never gotten around to.  Suddenly, we're doing a sibling read-a-long.  The first book will be a Russian classic.  Love projects like this!

- My garden is chock full of heirloom tomatoes, but I'm still squeezing more in.  Today's addition - Purple Dog Creek. 

- This week, I've been experimenting with sangria recipes.  Mmmmmm peaches in red wine!

- I'm battling a small case of poison ivy from a recent volunteer project.  It's driving me nuts.  Feel free to share any sure-thing remedies.  Technu soap (my usual go-to) is not doing the trick.

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