Jun 1, 2011

Dog's view

When a friend handed me The Art of Racing in the Rain, my first question was, "Is this going to make me cry?"  Her answer was "Well...... not really."  Two pages in, I could feel my eyes welling up.  But she was right, once I past some initial hard stuff the novel was not going for easy low blows (I'm looking at you Marley & Me.)  In fact, I think this book does a great job dodging schmoopy-ness.

This novel combines the life of a dog and his family with the story of a race car driver.  Dogs - I love.  Race cars - I could give a crap about.  Still this was inventive and interesting.  In fact, the dog is the story's narrator which was an extra point of interest.

I read this book in practically one sitting.  It's really hard to put down. 6/10.


  1. A friend was telling me about this book + she said it took her 2 pages to start crying.

  2. I cried through this whole book! And loved it.