Jun 26, 2011


I have such a fondness for Julian Fellowes - he knows his stuff.  He writes about high society in England.  I enjoy the drama of society.  What he really gets so right is the interaction between people - husbands and wives, acquaintances, in-laws.  His descriptions are so freaking spot on sometimes.

Snobs is about a regular girl who ends up marrying into the aristocracy.  Her welcome is less than warm.  It's set in the modern day.  It's a pretty fun read - although I prefer his novel Past Imperfect a good bit more.

Fellowes is also know for writing Gosford Abbey and the screenplay for Downton Abbey.  Best of all, he played Kilwillie on Monarch of the Glen - one of my favorite shows. 

Snobs gets a 5/10.

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