Oct 17, 2012


Life is certainly an adjustment these days.  I'm on work leave which seems like it would lend itself to loads of free time.  However, the baby is certainly and completely in charge.  Sleep comes in 3 hour increments (when we're lucky!).  Time is taken up with lots of feedings and diaper changes and naps (many of which happen while lying on me).  We're cloth diapering so laundry is a daily task.  Pretty soon, pumping is gonna be a regular job. 

This means that books are generally things that can be read in the middle of the night during feedings.  They must be easy to follow and light to hold up (seeing as how one hand is busy holding the babe). 

Movies get started in the morning during feedings (did I mention that feeding is a pretty constant thing), paused when the babe is down for a nap so I can do luxurious things like shower or eat, and watched in 20 minute to half hour segments - longer when someone conks out on me.

However, we do enjoy lots of snuggles and milky grins and walks in the neighborhood while someone is conked out in the sling. 

So expect more ramblings, movie reviewlets, and info on shorter and less complicated books - some of them children's books.

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