Dec 24, 2009

Always the women

Y: The Last Man sets up an interesting premise. In this graphic novel, all men (and male animals) are suddenly killed off inexplicably - except for Yorick and his monkey.
The story is interesting and has me curious enough to read further into the series. My one big complaint that is pretty typical of the genre is that while the dude is drawn pretty typical, most of the young woman are drawn looking like they painted on their shirts in order to show their super huge racks. (So that's gonna get me some weird searches.) It's annoying.
Anyway, I give this a 4 but its caught my interest enough to reserve book 2.


  1. I think the series gets better after the first.

  2. I was kind of afraid of the depiction of women in this book. I might still pick it up, especially considering what Linda said, but I'm still wary.