Oct 12, 2010

Post apocalyptic

The Children's Hospital is a monster of a book at 600+ pages.  The premise is fantastic - God sends another great flood and instead of an ark, the only survivors are afloat in a children's hospital.  Interesting and original, right?  But the telling of this drug on and on.  I think a good editor could have helped make the telling of the story more concise.  Even had it been more focused, I still struggled with the end.  I expected mind blowingness or something to really make me think.  I didn't get either.

I will give it credit though for having one of the best covers of any book I've read.  That artwork is perfectly perfect.  Too bad for the story inside.  4 stars.

1 comment:

  1. I've has to put down "Skippy Dies" for the time being with it's 667 pages.

    Good for you for pushing through with your book.