Mar 3, 2011

Perfect timing

One of my favorite books ever is Pride & Prejudice.  It's one of the handful of books that I will re-read.  (My general feeling is that the world is full of more books than I can imagine and spending time on a re-read means one less book I'll get around to reading in my lifetime.  OCD much?)

So it might seem a bit weird that I haven't yet read all of Austen's novels.  I think I'm spacing out my Austen reads - the quantity is limited obviously.  However, there's something wonderful about the right book at the right time.  Persuasion was great.  I think Anne Elliott is better appreciated at my age than I would have in my teens.  It was such a charming read.

I'm certain they've done many a filmed version of this.  Any suggestions for the right one to see? 

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