Apr 13, 2011

Different world

God's Harvard is a a report on an evangelical Christian college as told by someone who is neither.  I thought it was an interesting perspective.  Right from the start, the author acknowledges that she's a liberal Jewish woman deeply interested in religious studies.

Given her angle, I feel like she expresses a real interest and concern for the students she follows during her time at the school.  I appreciated that.  She's a bit sterner when it comes to her take on the professors, administration, and parents. 

I found it fascinating.  It's such a different world.  I will admit, however, to terror at the "science" courses described in a couple of the chapters.


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  1. I'm really interested in this topic. In my graduate school, one of the other students I'm closest to went to Liberty University. I had no idea. Not only did he go to Liberty, he majored in Theology (and Spanish, which is what our Graduate studies are in). It's really interesting. He totally defies some of the stereotypes, but reaffirms others.