Apr 8, 2011


I picked up The Cookbook Collector after hearing a bazillion reviews calling her the next Jane Austen.  Cause who can resist Jane Austen?  I admired how the author intertwined the lives of Save the Trees enthusiasts with antique book dealers and dot com millionaires.  As unlikely as it seems, it kind of worked. 

However, I don't really get the Austen comparisons at all.  She does write about the wealthy and the not-so-wealthy but manners and society don't play as big of a role as I'd expected.  I was a bit let down.  Towards the end of the novel, the author co-opts a major historical event as a plot device.  Unless its handled extraordinarily well, I kind of hate that sort of thing. 

My other pet peeve is that the story begins with a description of the two heroines - two such beautiful and uniqye ladies you're never likely to meet.  This sort of thing strikes me like how tales are told to small children - with only the most beautiful and perfect characters.  The sisters turn out not so perfect, but my initial annoyance was hard to overcome.

It was a fun read, but I very much doubt that it'll stick mith me.  4/10.

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