Jul 16, 2011


The City of Saints and Madmen isn't like anything else I've read before.  It's a variety of works by one author all about the fantastical city of Ambergris.  The city is home to a violent festival celebrating squids, mushroom dwellers, warring factions divided by their love or hatred of a prominent artist.  It's a dark and scary place and so well imagined.  The book contains short stories, historical publications, interviews from a madhouse, and advertisements. 

Spurred by an impending due date at the library, I raced through the second half.  I think the book would be better served by a slow read - dipping in and out of this world now and then. 
I am thoroughly amazed by the techniques and creativity.  I only wish that the characters were more well-rounded.  5.55 / 10.

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