Jul 6, 2011


I read this book after hearing about it on the Double X Podcast (which I lurve!).  Cinderella Ate My Daughter takes a hard look at the many many things that have made me an uncomfortable auntie over the years.  Make-up and hair dye on 10 years olds.  "Princess" scrawled on every other t-shirt.  The fucking prevelance of the Disney princess mania!  Gar!

The book left me in a feminist rage - not super hard to do some days.  It made me worry about future generations of women and promise myself extra hard to be a better role model to any girl loony enough to look up to me.  I know that things are tough in their own way for any generation, but it's worth paying attention to.

The book may have been a little too much panic and a little too less answers, but I kinda think that noticing and paying attention is 3/4ths of the battle so I give it a pass on that.

My only real complaint is that as an avid listener to Double X, many of these stories weren't all that new to me.  Still - good read!  6.5/10.

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