Jul 10, 2011


I've always been a fan of dark beers (well at least since my junior year of college after I graduated from Boones Farms wine and Bud Ice beer.  But we all go through awful phases like that in the beginning, right?).

Summer beer is problematic.  I love a good summer ale, but nothing matches up to the lovely stouts that are generally just too damn thick to drink when its hot.  Well, I've found a delicious dark beer that I'm drinking in July.

21st Amendment Brewery's Back in Black.  Yum.

My other new fave is Breckenridge's Vanilla Porter.  Pretty heavy but so dessert-like with that vanilla finish to it.

Both so good that they had to be shared!  And available year-round!

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  1. We just got back from central CA and sampled some really good dark beers from the Mojave/ Death Valley area.