Mar 10, 2012

Needs trimmed

50/50 brings together an actor I really appreciate (Gordon-Levitt) with an actor I can find a bit grating (Rogen).  They kind of work together.

It follows a pair of friends as one of them undergoes cancer treatment.  It's funny at times but also (Unexpectedly because of the presence of Rogen) dark and sad at others.  The parents in this film made the biggest impression on me.  The romance bit fell flat for me.  The anger at facing cancer felt the most real, and I wish some of the other bits had been trimmed away.  5/10.


  1. I thought this was either going to be really awful or well done. I'm glad to say it was on the side of well done. I enjoyed it and it made me cry. The romance fell a little flat for me as well, you're right there, but I loved the portrayal of their friendship.

  2. The portrayal of friendship was very touching, but working in the mental health field, I was pretty upset at the romance story-line between a Ph.D. student and her client. That pretty much ruined the movie for me.