Jan 14, 2010

Adorable times two

Paper Heart is a faux documentary that charmed my boots off. It's all about Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera (who are dating in real life). In the film, Charlyne is looking to discover what love is about, and in the midst of her search meets Michael. Awkward romance ensues.
Its adorable. At times, I found myself thinking that it really shouldn't have been quite as amusing as it was - I usually cringe when watching awkward situations acted out. But these two are so darn cute. I particularly loved the interviews that were acted out with puppets. And the last scene had me howling. I give it a 7.


  1. I have this in my queue. I have a tiny crush on Michael Cera.

  2. I'm looking forward to watching this one. I'm a fan of Michael Cera.