Jan 20, 2010

Filling in the gaps

Sometime in 2009, I realized that my knowledge of Hitchcock films was sadly lacking. So I'm making a concerted effort to fill in some of those gaps. I really enjoyed Rear Window - mostly for Grace Kelly's costumes and the voyeuristic watching of all the neighbors through their windows. The story of the suspected murder was nice and tense too, but nothing tops those gowns. Sigh.... I give it a 6.


  1. "Rebecca" is probably his best, but also check out a little gem called "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (not the original to the Brad + Angelina movie) which was his only comedy, well, unless you count "The Trouble With Harry," which was a black comedy. Then there is "Vertigo." Actually, the only Hitchcock movie I never saw was "Family Plot." Um...kind-of a big fan.

  2. This movie has inspired much fantasizing on our parts. We want a picnic basket so we can lower our dog out the window to walk himself. Of course, we'd be hoping he didn't meet the same end...

    Other than that though, Rear Window is far from my favorite Hitchcock.