Jan 18, 2010


I protested way back when the previews came out that Sherlock Holmes never struck me as the action adventure type. However, I do love a Guy Ritchie movie and the boy wanted to see it badly so we went.

The following problems ensued:
1. It was a late show.
2. I had a very large stout.
3. The movie slowed down towards the middle.

All of these caused this girl to doze off just a little. However, I woke up when the action picked back up and I feel as though I didn't miss a beat. It was an okay film - it felt just a little too slick and blockbuster-y to me. I liked the friendship between Holmes & Watson very much. I wasn't all that sold on Rachel McAdam's character though. The scenery and costumes were amazing. I'll give this one a 5 out of 10.

1 comment:

  1. Saw a 10:00 show Christmas day after a big meal and a few glasses of wine. It was fine for what it was. I seem to be in the unpopular camp that loves the Basil Rathbone/ Nigel Bruce movies from the 40's. Recently watched Rock-n-Rolla, which I quite enjoyed, better than this movie at least.