Feb 14, 2011

No charm

I found the novel Some Tame Gazelle to be such a disappointment.  I was expecting a witty and fun Austen-like read, but it failed on pretty much every account.  The story follows two never-married sisters in a small town as well as the goings-on of the neighbors.  Both sisters long for romance and love.  Sounds like a great premise, right?

This book is beloved by a great number of people, but I found very little to latch onto.  There just seems to be so little connection between any of the characters.  She does capture the pettyness that can occur in small town life pretty well, but misses out on the warmth that counterbalances it.  I just wasn't charmed.

Also I appear to be on a streak of reading books with ugly covers.  While I wouldn't judge a book much by the cover, I can judge the heck out of the cover itself. 

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