Feb 19, 2011

With a llama

Have I totally neglected to write about my love for The Fabulous Beekman Boys?  I love it so much. It's a reality show about a couple who decide to attempt to leave their NYC life behind and move to a farm.  Why do I love it?

1. I can vicariously live out the ridiculous idea of moving back to a farm.  (Grew up on one and I don't want all that work; I really just want a slightly bigger lot for more room for gardening).
2. Polka spot - their llama
3. The neighbors are all such an interesting crew.
4. Josh & Brent's relationship is so very sweet and real.

So imagine how pleased I was when I realized that one of the boys had written a book about the first year of farm life?  The Bucolic Plague lived up to my love of the series.  I also think that it has the best beginning author notes ever. 

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