Feb 2, 2011

Should know better

Winter's Bone seems like it should be exactly my kind of movie - a dark tale about a poor family seeking their drug dealing father whose ran off on bail.  If they don't find him and get him to court, their house and land are forfeit.

What this movie got right?
- The portrayal of being dirt poor in a backwoods area.  It isn't something I've lived - my family always got along well enough, but being from a somewhat Appalachian county, I've definitely seen thinks like this.  Junk piles, houses made up of scraps, people scraping by on what they could hunt.  This film felt real.

- The scary clan-like ness of the family. 

- The actors.  Every person in this does a great job.  Dale Dickey is totally my choice for best supporting actress of 2010 although she isn't even nominated.

What didn't sit right with me?
- The film has been described as an Ozark film noir mystery.  The mystery seemed less than central to the story somehow.  And I've never ever been a film noir fan so it shouldn't have been a surprise when I felt a bit unconcerned about how it all gets solved.

Overall it is a good film, but I won't be raving - just appreciative.

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