Aug 20, 2009

Smells of napalm

Okay so can someone explain the ravings over Apocalypse Now? I was with it all the way up the river until they reached their destination. All the bombs and the guns and the crazy commanders and the pointlessness of war.

And then came Kurtz. And I was bored to tears and unimpressed. Maybe it was way cooler back in '79. Shoulda figured - I was never a big Heart of Darkness fan either. I give it a big old meh. Only a 4 in my book. It probably deserves a 5 but I was so underwelmed by the end.


  1. This + The Godfather Saga were THE movies in high school, we would watch at least one of them (NO-NO-NO NOT G.F. III) each weekend. The imagery, the dialog, the horror, the slow decent into madness + Hell, not to mention the behinds the scenes story. Watched it a few years ago + it's still brilliant. Enjoyed the novel as well. Very slim for such a lengthy movie.

    I used to work with Frederic Forrest's ("Chef") son + never ask him about stories his father might have told him about the stories surrounding the filming, but I wanted to so badly.

  2. I made the mistake of watching this film, Full Metal Jacket, and Deer Hunter within a close time span. Some comedy was in order after that.