Sep 21, 2009


Oh L. M. Montgomery - you wrote so many lovely and charming stories. Why'd you write such a piece of crap like Kilmeny of the Orchard?
This short novel follows a wealthy young man who has freshly graduated from college and takes on a teaching job in a poor little town as a favor to his friend. There, he chances upon Kilmeny whose been hidden away with her aunt and uncle. She's the most beautiful creature ever but is unable to speak. Commence lots of descriptions about her childlike ways and innocence and girlishness. Also commence my being creeped out by the constant comparisons of this romantic heroine to a child.
She also happens to live with Neil, born to traveling Italian peddlars but left with Kilmeny's aunt and uncle. Despite his being raised from the day he was born by these people, he's referred to as low-born and common and an untrustworthy foreigner. Nice.
Blech! I really really hated this one. I'll give it a 1 because there were some pretty descriptions of the orchard.

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