Sep 14, 2009

More crazy suspense

So if you have not read The Hunger Games and are jonesing for a book that's crazy suspenseful so you stay up far too late reading, then I highly suggest you go read it. And then, if you want to once again stay up far too late reading, I suggest you check out its sequel - Catching Fire.

Then you'll be in my boat - waiting impatiently for the final book.

Anyway, Catching Fire is good. I had hoped it was going to go in a particular direction. It did not. At first, I was disappointed by all the re-hashing of themes from the first book. But I should not have worried. The clever author bent and framed things in wonderful ways and made old topics kind of fresh event. She also set the reader up for one hell of a cliff hanger.

I give this a rousing 7 out of 10 cause I can't wait to see how it all concludes.

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