Sep 11, 2009

Message with a capital M

Uglies takes place in the future when technology is much greener and hovercars are the norm. This future society also has found a way around discrimination based on looks, anorexia, and "ugliness." As soon a kids turn 16, they are whisked away and made into a "pretty."

This book follows Tally who desperately wants to be made pretty. Her friend Shay wants nothing to do with it, and has plans to avoid the operation by running away.

I liked the detail that went into creating this world - all the slang and the back stories. I did not much care for the heavy-handed Message behind it. Teens aren't idiots. This tries so hard to convince teens to be happy with their individuality and to take care of the environment. If it weren't for a ripping good story, I would have been forced to toss this one aside and avoid the annoyance As it is, I will read the next book cause I need to know what happens next.

I give this a 5.

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