Sep 20, 2009


I loved The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and Time Bandits as a kid. Terry Gilliam's films have such a crazy sense of wonder that I find myself intrigued. So I had to take a look at Lost in La Mancha - a documentary that follows Gilliam's failed attempt to film a Don Quixote movie.

Everything that can go wrong during the filming does. It's hard to believe your own eyes at times. If this film were fictional, it would be hard to believe. Poor Terry. I give this a 5.

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  1. He's pretty much modern cinema's Orson Wells. I ended up watching all of the extras, very interesting. One of my favorite directors, I almost got to meet him once (I had to leave) + I have to say that I would have been divided between being in awe of him as a director vs. the Python dork in me.