Jul 15, 2009

Life was a swarm of accidents

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle was the pick of an online bookclub I take part in. It's Hamlet retold but with a family of dog breeders and trainers. The Hamlet part is Edgar, a mute teenage boy whose world revolves around his family and dogs. Some parts of the tale are told from the point of viw of a dog which sounds a bit odd but it works - beautifully in fact.

And a particularly good snippet must be shared:

Life was a swarm of accidents waiting in the treetops, descending upon any living thing that passed, ready to eat them alive. You swam in a river of chance and coincidence. You clung to the happiest accidents- the rest you let float by.

This one gets a 7, mostly because it held my fascination even as I knew where it was headed.

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  1. This book doesn't sound interesting to me, but I've heard/read only positive reviews, so I'll keep it in mind. Perhaps I should read Hamlet first.