Jul 24, 2009

On a roll

In the past two weeks, Winnie, my idiot puppy-brained airedale mix has:

- Chewed up a pair of cute shoes (mine of course).

- Chewed up a small paint sample can and in the process spread yellow paint all over the couch, a side chair, the floor and herself. (Luckily we came home in time to clean it all up. She's firmly back in the crate whenever we're out now too.).

- Finally managed to jump the not-so-short backyard fence in order to get in the face or a very large bull terrier type of dog.

Her badness knows no bounds. She's almost a year and a half. Here's hoping we all survive her bad spree.

Dog number 1, Lincoln, has done no wrong and is holding his standing as the "good one" currently.

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