Jul 31, 2009

Not so much

Chinatown is one of those classics that I'd never gotten around to watching until the other night. I should have known better.
Despite an excellent cast, this film did not wow me. I blame it on my lack of love for film noir. The characters just left me cold. The mystery was interesting, but I never felt all that invested.

The only noir film I can recall adoring is Brick. Does that mean I should write the whole genre off or is there another hidden gem somewhere I might appreciate?


  1. It's been a few years since I've seen this, but I remember enjoying it. I loved Brick as well.

  2. Not really any recs here. I appreciate film noir solely for campy entertainment value. I reviewed "The Big Sleep" a week or so ago, but I certainly wouldn't say I adored it! Perhaps I need to check out Brick...

  3. I felt the same way about Chinatown, and I DO like noir. Something about this one just didn't do it for me though.

  4. But now you can quote the most famous line
    "She's my sister...she's my daughter"