Jan 10, 2011

Art in motion

The Secret of the Kells is the prettiest movie I've seen in ages.  The animation blew me away.  It's so pretty and different from anything happening at other studios.  It reminds me of the old Lord of the Ring animations.  The pictures had me oohing and ahhing the whole time.  I would hang illustrations from it up all over my house if possible.  However, the story wasn't quite as wonderful as the art (which would have been super hard given the gorgeousness of it).  I give it a 6.


  1. Another movie I hadn't heard of before reading your post! I don't know that I'll watch this one, but I love the art you've chosen to share.

  2. The art is so pretty throughout that I couldn't have picked a bad screenshot. That last one is very Klimt-ish.