Jan 31, 2011

Garden plans

Sharing my garden plans with you all in the hopes that you'll share info on what you're growing this year.

- Lakota Winter Squash
- Carrot Parisienne (free gift from Bakers Creek)
- Five Color Swiss Chard (cause pretty counts and I lurve chard)
- French Breakfast Radish but I may need to get a couple of other varieties. They grow so fast that it's so possible to grow several kinds.
- Water cress
- Flamingo feather celosia I want more cutting flowers this year.
- Radish Helios
- Japanese Pickling Eggplant
- Tonda di Parigi Carrot
- Candy Mountain Foxglove

Will pick up butter lettuce seeds and snow pea seeds and pepper plants from the local guys, tomatoes from my tomato guy, and a few other odds and ends. Any suggestions for an interesting zucchini to grow? Probably should stick to tried and true but I love experimenting. Also considering another variety of eggplant and loads of poppies. Also more cut flowers. Inspire me with your garden plans please.

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