Jan 8, 2011

More bird stuff

Oooooh - love this rug.

Disclaimer - I do not have a thing for peacocks - just peacock design.  My grandpa had peacocks on his farm when I was little, and I distinctly remember my dislike of them.  They were loud, not very bright, and they pooped all over everything. 


  1. The house my mom lived in when I was a wee tot was in direct route of peacocks...peacocks everywhere! they roamed the streets, escapees from the Arboretum nearby. Baby cries all day and night.

    It is a lovely rug.

  2. That's a beautiful rug. Is there such a thing as an albino peacock? My last memory of a peacock is of an all-white one sitting on a fence.

  3. There are white peacocks. I saw them in a lovely garden once. Very pretty and likely just as dumb. :) Good thing they have their looks!