Jan 25, 2011

New kings

How genius is this kind of book?  It's a collection of well-written news stories that have no connection except Ira Glass likes them.  The New Kings of Nonfiction was such an interesting read.  The articles ranged from WWII to an interview of Val Kilmer to soccer hooligans.  Quite diverse!

There's an article by Michael Pollan in there that really got me motivated to change some of our eating habits.  And I know, the whole world was on top of that a bazillion years ago, but the first Michael Pollan book I picked up felt like he was speaking down to the reader so I tossed it down in disgust.  This article was smart and treated the reader like they weren't idiots so I actually read it, and it has me determined to make more focused attempts to buy our meat (and other products but mostly meat) at the local farmers markets.  And I went ahead and did so this past weekend - I'm a fast operator on some things.

The WWII article resonated with me the most, and you can read it online.  The book is very worth picking up.  I must confess that I skipped the article on poker cause I cannot be made to care about the poker craze no matter how well it's written.

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