Jan 28, 2011


The Vintner's Luck is a novel about a man who is visited once a year by an angel.  They become friends and then they become lovers.  I was sucked in by the story which only really checks in on our two main protaganists once a year - their annual meeting.  I liked how the author could tell you of their meeting and give you an idea of the year without long expositions.  I thought it very clever story-telling.  Also I love books about Italy and vineyards and wine.  What's not to like?

Well for one, the cover:

Pardon the obviously borrowed image, but I had to show it.  This angel is supposed to be stunning.  The man on this cover is disturbing to look at.  In fact, he reminds me of one of my college professors which adds another level to that.  Maybe it's just me, but everytime I looked at the cover I just felt some mild distaste to be parading that pale man-chest about with me.  (And there are other editions with far far better covers, this just happened to be the one the library reserved for me).

More importantly though, I never felt that this book really deserved any of it's angst.  I never really felt that any of the characters really cared all that much about eachother.  Also, there's a side story / mystery that I thought would play a larger part in the story, but it doesn't really. 

Gar!  I finished this book, but with great annoyance.

Apparently they have made a movie based on the book - with Vera Farmiga in it.  Who knew!  I will very much not be watching that one - even with cute little baby donkeys running through scenes.

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