Jan 31, 2011


Every year, I would like to have a better informed opinion on which should film should get the Oscar for best picture.  Every year, I fall a little short.

For 2010, I have seen:

- Black Swan
- Inception
- The Kids Are All Right
- Toy Story 3
- Winter's Bone
- True Grit

Before the awards, I intend to see:
- The Social Network
- The King's Speech

I'm unlikely to see:
- 127 Hours - because of the infamous scene I need to watch this at home where I can cover my head with a pillow while it's going on. 
- The Fighter - boxing is pretty high on my list of so brutal it's hard to watch

Right now, I have to say I would pick True Grit for my choice of best movie of the year.  I very much doubt that it will go that way at all though.  What do you think?

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  1. Last night, I actually had a nightmare that someone had trapped me in a theatre and was forcing me to watching THE scene in 127 Hours. That is how much I agree with you about Netflixing that film. :-)