Jan 11, 2011


The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake has a great premise - a girl who can taste the emotions of the folks who make the food.  I wanted to love the book, but I couldn't.  The writing has this too-aware-of-its-own-cleverness feel.  The characters all seem to talk alike - every single one of them.  And the book is linear but it's confusing.  I would imagine we were months ahead of the previous scene only to find out that it was just a day later.  Or the author would jump years ahead but always have to go back to the previous years to explain one more thing.  I don't need stories to take place chronologically, but I do like them to be organized and not so hard to follow along.  This felt kind of sloppy.  I just can't feel much affection for this novel.  Only a 3.

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