Jan 15, 2011


Imagine a story that exists midway between The Walking Dead or 28 Days Later and No Country for Old Men.  A book that tells a tale of endurance and fate and zombies.  The Reapers are the Angels is a very good read.

In this book, zombies or "meat slugs" are a fact of life.  There's no horror at the start of an epidemic because the main character has only ever lived in a world where the dead walk.  Her world is all about survival and maybe a little bit of miracles and sight seeing.

The best part of this whole novel is the language.  I love how the characters speaks.  (And I love the coincidence of how the same quote that this book's title was pulled from made an important appearance in a recent read - which I somehow have neglected to post about.  Tomorrow!)

Take the opening lines from the novel, "God is a slick god. Temple Knows. She knows because of all the crackerjack miracles still to be seen on this ruined globe."
I read this book in a single day - mostly because I couldn't leave the story sit.  Really good read that I'm giving an 8.

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