Jan 1, 2011

Not soon enough

Sunset Lit Lilac
Originally uploaded by mbryan777
Missing sprng and sun and flowers so very much. Must invest in more house plants and sign up for new seed catalogues. (How do you cope with winter?)


  1. Being from southern CA, where we really don't have seasons, and moving to TN, where we do, it was really hard not to get blue in the winter. 12 years later I'm just now getting into the rhythms of the seasons.

    That being said, entire series on DVD have been a lifesaver + the time when I (we) catch up on shows I had heard of, but never watched. This winter it's Deadwood (all 3 seasons) + Justified. Let's just call this the winter of Timothy Olyphant!

    Then again, I'm thinking you are in the upper Midwest, where winter is a lot different than TN + definitely CA.

  2. I'm in Ohio - so a wee bit colder up here. I just really hate being trappe dinside. I miss my yard, my porch, my garden, and long long not-cold walks this time of year. Oh and the sunshine - it's so elusive this time of year. We get tons of grey days and then the sun will come out but only for an hour or only while stuck at work. I'l get through it but I can't help but whine a good bit about it. Yesterday I missed out of sitting in a sunny window cause I had to go search up bank paperwork. By the time I found it, the sunshine was kaput. Gar!